Some Bunny 'PARTY-IN-A-BOX'

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Some touches of colour, mostly light colours. Colours which remind us of grass, flowers and meadows. Colours like the rays of light. We want to be outside, closer to nature and to the light. Easter truly is the holiday for food lovers, with rabbits, eggs, chickens and bells in abundance... In chocolate form, of course!! And there's nothing better for getting you in the Easter Egg hunt mood than lots of pastel colours!

Take Note : The quantities of each product can be modified. 

For all you busy, hard-working parents everywhere,look no further - Bazinga Shops Party-in-a-Box provides festive, stylish and easy breezy supplies to complete any children's party or event. 

The Party-in-a-Box provides all the essentials for a unforgettable party. The party in a box also allows you to only select the items you think you need to create your ideal party. 

Shopping for your party supplies has never been so easy.