Why Bazinga Shop?

 Bazinga Shop is a e-commerce platform that strives to simplify the party planning for busy, hardworking parents. We source great kids party products and created this professional, easy and reliable service because; as any parent knows, sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. 

We focus on a smaller amount of party themes that are versatile and classic. We want each of you, our guests, to find exactly what you are looking for without getting lost in the the abyss of to many options. Because of this we have conceptualized a product that fills the entire need when it comes to kids party shopping - on this shop we introduce the PARTY-IN-A-BOX. The simplicity is irresistible.

Who Da Cool Kids ?

  Rose Novotny ( Co-founder of Bazinga )

With 1,000,000 ideas per second, this girl boss is involved in the general running of it all . A hard-working, bold perfectionist ; No one knows what a parent needs better then a fellow parent. 

  David Barker (Maker and Design Enthusiast)

Product development specialist, travel enthusiast and social butterfly, this trend- setter heads up our design and creative department. 

  Seth Van Oudtshoorn (Co-founder of Bazinga )

Web design, advertising and marketing specialist ; this Jack-of-all-trades handles the back and frontend of our operations. This knowledgable young stallion keeps all things floating in our web solar system.