Who We Are

We are a company of young people that believes in doing great work, and in designing products that make our clients happy. We are lucky to have an end user that knows how to have fun, it makes our job of designing amazing products simple. We have been in the business of kids entertainment for a whopping 12 years combined, and all of our products are made with the experience of knowing what works at parties and what kids like best.  

We are minds and makers with business sense and creative chops, set out to connect people with what matters most; the experience. And we aim to make your experience of shopping at our online store as easy as possible, we control the quality of our products by not offering too much and making sure what we focus on is high quality and delivered with our customary excellence. 

Our Team:

  Rose Novotny (Head Honcho)

Our fearless leader, with oodles of experience in kids entertainment and creative talent to spare she handles the day-to-day running of our operations.

  David Barker (Maker)

Product development specialist, travel enthusiast and social butterfly, David heads up our design and creative department.

  Seth Van Oudtshoorn (Design Guru)

Web design, advertising and marketing specialist, Seth handles the back and frontend of our operation; logistics, web design and social media.