Happiness is...

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Happiness is...

Bazinga Shop Two Icecreams

Happiness is ...

“...two kinds of ice cream,” according to the song from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” John Lennon, more darkly, described it as a warm gun. A much more typical description comes from a Mom on the run, juggling her kids school, extra curricular activities and work life, she describes happiness as “just a general stress-free feeling where I’m not really worried about anything. THAT makes me happy.”

Often times when planning a party or event it starts out with the best intentions of creating the most amazing and wondrously detailed decorations, activities and party boxes. Somehow in-between the planning, and the whirlwind that is life, the time just eludes you. We get that you’re just human and everyone needs a little help from time to time. This time we won’t leave you hanging - Bazinga Shop has arrived with it’s all new Party Pack and Activity Pack range.

Captain America Grand Party Pack     Frozen Party Pack Grand        Minion Grand Party Pack 

               Designed to efficiently provide classy Party Packs and Activity Kits for your next event, party or playdate . Whether its just a small gathering or a huge bash we understand the basic need for children to be fed and entertained, and after that everything comes easy.

So STOP working so hard and let Bazinga Shop take you on a stress free party adventure that consists of a simple Browse, Select, Pay and sit back with the ease of knowing that somebody cares about making your event spectacularly simple.

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