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You picked an awesome themed Dino party invite that will make your party pop, now..
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Then.. Pay using a credit card or debit card on our shop.
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Party Details

You will receive an email from us with a link to your invite. Click on the link and fill in all of the party details
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Download / Print

Download your new party invite and print it or send it via WhatsApp to the party guests.

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About Us..

All great parties start with an invitation.. It is the first thing we think of as parents when planning a party, before ordering the cake or deciding on the entertainment.. We send out the invites.

At Bazinga Shop we believe in a couple of simple things: Your invites should be as cool as your party is going to be. They should be simple to order and you shouldn't have to wait for days to receive them. Our shop is designed with simplicity in mind, invites aren't hard to find, they are easy to order and we guarantee that you will receive the final version within 2 (work) hours of payment.